I Leave: Billy B; studio art class. Jesse L; hanging out, and talking in the halls. Justin M; gorgeous blonde hair to keep for life. Nate D; allowing you into the senior lounge even though you weren’t a senior. Robert P; our conversations and the ability to top talking just for one minute. Will M; a hummingbird moth. Ryan T; superstar muscles. Jake Z; arm wrestling. Russell C; glasses and red hair. Patrick B; animals. Simon W; medicine for migraine headaches. Adam A; gym clothes. Jessica G; red hair dye, your hair is better when it’s red. Taylor S; English 11 and 12, a bag of crackers.  Melissa C; gray boots. Emma B; scissors and our secret handshake. Heleena H; a five dollar bill. Tyler D; an epic floor hockey battle against Ferrara’s team and winning. Casey S; our prom and dancing together. Christina E; an apple and friendship. Brandon L; geometry class. Peter L; a classic rock CD. Adia V; baking class. Joe B; golf balls, and economics class. Emma M; friendship. Kaitlynn R; US history. Sierra B; our argument over the prom entrance, along with Driver’s Ed. Inda G; Driver’s Ed. Karlye H; a basketball. Stephanie M; The best laugh.

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