Stefanie Woods After stealing the cookie money.

Stefanie Woods is a photogenic 18-year-old whose crime spree has captivated idyllic Palm Beach. It all started when Woods, a part-time model, started chatting up a nine-year-old Girl Scout selling cookies outside a Wynn Dixie. Then she had a friend grab the kid's envelope of $168 and run back to her car. then she came back to the same grocery store, and bragged about what she'd pulled off. Then she gave the finger to news camera. She said that she was not sorry for her crimes.


  • She was not sorry for her crime, but she was very sorry that they got caught.
  • The girl scout she stole from was named Gracie Smith.
  • Gracie's mom was very angry after hearing what Stefanie said to the news camera.
  • It is unknown what her assistant's name is.

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