Katie is another Firestorm Girl. She also spends her time resisting evil
Wade 035
in her dimension.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Katie has light skin, blonde hair pulled in 2 pigtails using green hair ties, and green eyes. She wears a green beret, a silver shirt, a brown sash and pants, black fingerless gloves and black boots. Her shirt is tucked into her pants.


  • She and Ginger lifted the topiary under the command of the second dimension Candace.
    Alt katie looking down
  • She, Ginger, and Holly are the only ones whom touch Doof-2 during the arrest.
  • She is the only blonde Firestorm Girl to be in Isabella's troop.
  • She and Holly have their shirt tucked into their pants.
  • She and Gretchen wear fingerless gloves.

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