Kaleb Stein is a 9th grade boy with blonde hair and glasses. HE IS A HUGE BULLY!!!

Not only is he a bully, but he got in a fight with one of my friends, put him in a headlock and nearly choked him to death. I was very angry and so I managed to pull Kaleb off, and give him a punch in the nose and chase him away. ( I know that boys are not usually able to hit girls, but that doesn't mean he could not have done it . He could have just turned around and slugged me in the nose.)

A lot of other kids saw this happening and I guess must have reported me, so a few days later, when I was sitting next to the friend who was choked by Kaleb, I got called down to Principal Albirti's office. There, she scolded me for hitting Kaleb. She said that I was completely right that he shouldn't have put my friend in a headlock the way he did, but it was not okay to hit him.

Mrs Albirti said that since this was my first infraction, she wouldn't write me up. She also said that if it ever happened again (or anything like it), then she would send me to ISS (In-School-Suspenion). So I promised not to do it again.

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