Isabella is the leader of the Firestorm Girls. She spends her time resisting evil in her dimension.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Isabella is physically identical to her 1st Dimension counterpart, although her eyes are slightly more oval-shaped due to her serious personality. She has only been seen in a silver shirt with torn sleeves; brown pants with diamond-shaped silver patches on the portion that covers her kneecaps; black shoes; gray gloves; a dark-green beret with a green bow on top; a brown strap slung over her left shoulder, holding what appears to be rolled-up strips of paper; and a tan badge with a green circle at the center, with a red lightning-bolt insignia running across it (most likely the Firestorm Girls symbol).


  • She and Gretchen are the only ones who speak in the movie.
  • She is the only Firestorm Girl to wear a bow on her hat.
  • She and Milly didn't appear with the others when Doof-2 was arrestted, however she was in the next scene.
  • She is the leader of the Firestorm Girls, specifically her troop.