The Firestorm Girls are the 2nd Dimension counterparts of the Fireside Girls. They are a branch of The

The firestorm girls

Resistance, led by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.


Firestorm girls about to release (3)
The circumstances of the Firestorm Girls' founding is unspecified, nor is their purpose in combat against Doofenshmirtz. However, they may be working on plans to stop Doofenshmirtz-2 from the headquaters, along with Dr. Baljeet. They seem to be a highly-trained elite unit, whose known troop is troop 46231.

The 1st DimensionEdit

The Firestorm Girls have two small cameos in the movie. They capture Phineas, Ferb, their 2nd Dimension counterparts, and Buford, but they release them under the command of Isabella. They (all except for Milly and Isabella) are later responsible for the arrest of Doofenshmirtz upon his return to the 2nd Dimension ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension").

Troop 46231 membersEdit


This is most likely the firestorm girl symbol. It is a light green diamond with a lighting bolt in it.


The Firestorm Girls uniform has a standard color of a silver shirt, a dark-green beret on their heads, brown straps worn over their left shoulder that appear to store rolled-up strips of paper, brown pants, and black boots. However, identical to the Fireside Girls members' clothing, every one of the girls' uniforms has a personal touch.

  • Isabella's uniform is a silver shirt with torn sleeves, black pants with diamond-shaped patches on the portion that covers the kneecaps, black shoes, gray gloves, her beret has a light-green bow on it, and, unlike the other Firestorm Girls, she has a badge with a green circle at the center, with a red lightning-bolt insignia crossing it (probably the Firestorm Girls symbol).
  • Gretchen's uniform has light-green pants instead of brown, and said pants are tucked in.
  • Holly's uniform also has her shirt tucked in. She also wears brown pants and black gloves.
  • Milly's uniform also has her shirt tucked in; plus, her beret features an extension coming from the front and her shoes are the most lightly-colored out of the troop. She also has a green bow in her hair.
  • Ginger's uniform has diamond-shaped patches on the portion that covers the kneecaps, like that of Isabella's pants, and her beret seems to slightly sag down to the front.
  • Adyson's uniform has her shirt sleeveless and, as with Isabella and Ginger, diamond-shaped patches on the portion that covers the kneecaps.
  • Katie's uniform has her shirt tucked in. She also wears brown pants and a silver shirt and black shoes.